If you would like to reach and HELP more patients suffering with neuropathy and give them real lasting results that big pharma can't deliver then this training will show you how.

                   Secret Weapon That Generates 50-100 Neuropathy Patients Per Month
 In This FREE Webinar, We’re going to show you...
secret #1
A step-by-step game plan to transform your office the number one goto neuropathy practice, in eight weeks or less. 
secret #2
The secret to having an on purpose team driven that gives you an extra 15-20 hours per week of freedom from your practice.
secret #3
How our clients build super successful practices without being held hostage by insurance companies and the secret strategy that makes it happen practically overnight.

secret #4
And how we do all of this with you having much less practice stress and more time to spend with your family .
Meet Your Host
Dr. Phil Straw
Dr. Phil Straw is the co-founder of Dr BizBoom. For more than a decade he has dedicated himself to developing the best treatment solutions for neuropathy sufferers so they can get lasting pain relief and get back to living their best life. He has owned and operated 8 practices and has helped practice owners all over the country build successful practices that serve their patients with real solutions to their chronic health conditions.


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