The Neuropathy Marketing Secret Weapon That Generates 50-100 Neuropathy Patients Per Month, Even Now In 2021!
 In This FREE Webinar, We’re going to show you...
secret #1
A step-by-step game plan to a $100,000 per month Neuropathy practice or more, in eight weeks or less. 
secret #2
The secret to having a high profit practice while you get an extra 15-20 hours per week of freedom from your practice.
secret #3
How our clients build 7-figure practices without being held hostage by insurance companies and the secret strategy that makes it happen practically overnight.
secret #4
And how we do all of this with you having much less practice stress and more time to spend with your family .
Meet Your Host
Dr. Phil Straw
Dr. Phil Straw is the co-founder of Dr BizBoom. He has owned and operated 8 practices and has helped practice owners all over the country build 7 figure cash practices that serve their patients with real solutions to their chronic health conditions.
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